Wildlife Initiatives

Assistance Programs

The Fondation de la faune du Québec can help you with your conservation or wildlife habitat development project though one of our assistance programs. All projects submitted are reviewed by our team of project coordinators. External specialists contribute to the selection process on a regular basis. The Fondation de la faune subsidizes some 400 projects yearly.

Before submitting an application for assistance:
  • Verify program objectives and application deadlines (refer to program descriptions below).
  • Contact a project coordinator to verify project eligibility or to obtain information on the possibility of launching your project.
  • Note: legally incorporated organizations may submit an application for assistance. Only individuals are ineligible.

Programme « Protéger les habitats fauniques » (wildlife habitat protection)

Objective: to protect particularly productive, diversified or threatened wildlife habitats located on privately owned land through land purchase or other means.

Application deadline: Program under change. Please come back or call us at 41 644-7926 ext. 126 or write at : initiatives@fondationdelafaune.qc.ca

Programme d’amélioration de la qualité des habitats aquatiques (aquatic habitat quality) (AQHA)

Objective: to improve wildlife quality and productivity in fish habitats; to support participation by local organizations in the improvement of aquatic wildlife habitats.

Application deadline: February 1st

October 1st

Programme « Faune en danger » (imperilled wildlife)

Objective: to protect and improve habitats of imperilled wildlife species.

Application deadline: February 1st

October 1st

Programme « Faune-Forêt »

Objective: Promote habitat protection and enhancement, integrated forest activities and maintain biodiversity in private forest land.

Application deadline: October 1st or February 1st

Programme Pêche en herbe (young sport fishers)

Objective: to introduce youngsters to fishing during theme days organized by wildlife organizations, conservation agencies, schools and municipalities, etc.

Application deadline: March 10th and January 5th

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